New and Improved Pet Bed


Furbaby Bean Beds

Furbaby Bean Beds

Furbaby Bean Beds Furbaby Bean Beds Furbaby Bean Beds

Virtually Indestructible, Washable, Waterproof, Floatable, Orthopedic,  Approved by Animals and Humans.


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New and Improved Completely Washable, Waterproof, Floatable, Orthopedic, Animal and Human Approved.

Furbaby Bean Beds

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 Furbaby Bean Beds are the newest 2017 Virtually Indestructible, Washable, Waterproof, Floatable, Orthopedic, Approved by Animals. These beds are design for our Persistent Chewer, everyday wear and tear and our little diggers. Our fleece fabric is soft on skin/fur. Portable, Scratch-resistant, Tear-resistant, Orthopedic, Offering a significant transformation wellness on their bones, spine and great for their pressure points. Machine Washable. High quality tear-resistant deluxe interior mesh with bean filler inside for easy removal that can handle all types of conditions while easy to maintain. Hideaway zipper. Known to last a year or even longer. Great for crates,  cat carriers, cat/dog houses, inside/outside. Weight is base on human weight, due to we weigh more, why we do this is for the maximum support for all pet sizes.. Furbaby bean beds are double stitched for extra durability.  As us humans love the comfort of a bean chair, due to how they formed to our bodies no matter our movement. Just imagine how your pet will feel in their own comfort snoozing on a Furbaby Bean Bed.  We carry Extra Small to Double Extra Large. Affordable prices. USA Handmade. USA Patented

A client of ours showing his parents how Furbaby Bean Beds can float while playing in the water.

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“Reasons behind our Products”

The reason behind Furbaby Bean Beds. In 2016, I was in a car accident that lead me to be in a wheelchair for almost a year.  For that year, I had to relearn how to walk again and wasn't able to work.  My mother bought me my first sewing machine. My project was making pillows for myself and holidays gifts. With always being at home with my three big dogs and two cats, I always notice how my pets would snooze on my daughter's bean chair, so I started designing and developing washable bean bed for all pets, since it became a hit for my pets and friends pets. So I went on a mission, to provide a better supportive bed that is easy to maintain and where us pet parents are able to wash both inside and outside just incase the pet had an accident on the bed.  I wanted to solve all us pet parents problems. Due to some beds, you couldn't wash or if could, they would shrink. I was tired of throwing away beds. Now Us Pet Parents have Affortable New and Improve Bean Bed for all our types of animals that are waterproof, floatable, washable, super supportive to their hips, spine, pressure points that keeps them resting peacefu. Yes, we said Floatable- our pets love the rivers and pools also, so now they can float along next to you. 


How to keep your Pets bed cleaned!!

All beds contain a hideaway zipper, where your able to take the inside mesh out to wash along with the cover.  To wash the inside mesh by hand by placing in your bathtub, shower, or can even use a water holes outside,  First, sprinkle baking soda on mesh to help eliminate odors- let sit for 10 minutes, then take shower hose to wash off, leave in bathtub or shower to dry or if will fit in dryer. Heat won’t hurt mesh at all. Heat beds only Low Heat and on cold day, throw bed in dryer, heat their beds up to keep them cozy and warm. If need further question, please give us a call.